Action Philosophers

Action Philosophers

is an award-winning comic book and graphic novel series that details the lives and thoughts of history’s greatest thinkers in a hip and humorous way that proves that philosophy can be for everyone!

Created by writer Fred Van Lente and artist Ryan Dunlavey in 2002, Action Philosophers has become the duo’s signature comic book project, blending their high energy, low-brow sense of humor with the comic medium’s power to educate and entertain. The Action Philosophers comic book series debuted in 2005 thanks to a grant from the Xeric Fondation and its first collected edition earned an American Library Association award in 2007.

Action Philosophers has remained in print ever since its 2005 debut, enjoying an evergreen popularity with new readers discovering the series all the time. It has been translated and published into 10 languages (and counting), was adapted for the stage by Crystal Skillman and has been used as an educational text in universities, colleges and secondary schools around the globe.

In 2021 Ryan and Fred teamed up with colorist Adam Guzowski and publisher Rocketship Entertainment to relaunch the series as a three-volume, full-color digest sized series with brand-new stories in each book. In 2024 we launched this free-to-read website which will serialize all of the Action Philosophers colored comics. New chapters are released every Wednesday.

Read CBR’s interview with Fred and Ryan about the 20th anniversary of Action Philosophers.

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The Authors

Fred Van Lente (writer, researcher)

Ryan Dunlavey (artist, letterer)

Adam Guzowski (colorist)